Parisian Food – The Good, The Bad and the Never Again…

The following piece was written by our co-tour organizer, Pip Marshall. Make sure you check out the rest of her blog!


My original plan was to write a post about all the different must have places to go and see when you’re in Paris, but as I was looking through my pictures from my recent trip, I realised that almost all of them are of the same thing. Food. Paris is known for its huge variety of cuisine, and unsurprisingly me and my friend Molly had a good go at exploring all of the options available (not all of them delicious, might I add).

Whenever someone comes up to me saying they have good news and bad news, I always want the bad first… so here goes.

The Bad


Exhausted from the train journey from London, and navigating the streets of Paris to find our hostel, Molly and I needed refuelling. Needless to say, our fatigue resulted in us choosing convenience over quality, and led us to an incredibly mediocre…

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