The Prettiest Pub in London

The following piece was written by our co-tour organizer, Pip Marshall. Make sure you check out the rest of her blog!


I’ve been spending a lot of time in Nottinghill recently, and came across this little gem last night, so thought I would share it with you all!

I guess what’s most noticeable is the flowers… hundreds and hundreds of them covering the outside, making it look like a wall garden!


And if that wasn’t enough to make you intrigued enough to give it a try, then the inside is just as unusual! It is full of antiques and random collectables (with a huge amount of photos of Churchill… but I guess it’s in the name so what do you expect..)


When I went the other night, the bar was completely full, but if you’re hungry, then round the back of the pub is a dining area serving Thai food. I have to say that the waiters aren’t all incredibly welcoming and you will most likely to be told…

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